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Are you a PhD student, post-doc or researcher? Become a mentor!
If you have experience in

  • Genetic engineering
  • Plasmid design
  • RNA dynamics
  • Exosome biology
  • Microfluidics

… and other linked areas?

You want to mentor a team of highly motivated students and to share your expertise? Email us at


Are you a student ? Become a team member !
If you are interested in:

  • Experiencing somethingnew and unique
    • A student-led student team
    • Try many hats, learn outside of the lectures
    • Don’t miss out on a chance to make an impact!
  • Working on an engaging project
    • Join us achieve the ambitious engineering goal
    • Address an impactful problem
    • Explore multiple faces of the prototype development
  • Learning about scientific entrepreneurshipin-flight
    • Explore the “non-science” side of the project
    • Develop an international network
    • Get some CV sparkles

Do you want to share this experience with us for just a few weeks or until the end of our journey? Email us at

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