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The Faculty of Fundamental and Biomedical Sciences of Paris Descartes University offers a complete and multidisciplinary education in biological, chemical and biophysical sciences. All of these educations are Health Science oriented.

The Biomedical Engineering (BME) PARIS master’s program is designed to provide a 2-year education program in the field of bioengineering, at the crossroad of biomedical and engineering science. It results from a partnership between Université Paris Descartes, Arts et Métiers ParisTech and Université PSL.

The Pasteur Institute is a private French non-profit foundation dedicated to the study of Biology, Diseases and Vaccination. For over a century, the Pasteur Institute has been at the cutting edge of the fight against Infectious Diseases.

The Imagine Institute of Genetic Diseases was established in 2007 and is supported by the foundation of the same name. This institute is a place where research and health care interact closely to build diagnostic and therapeutic solutions needed by children and adults suffering from these diseases.

The GRANDIR association was founded in 1984, with the main purpose of caring for or supporting people who have been abused by life, as an example of orphans, disabled people or immigrants, favoring children. As a charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency since January 1, 1985, the GRANDIR Association has for more than 30 years led a numerous charitable actions aimed at helping people with disabilities or social exclusion and to provide them with a facilitating human network.

Under the Cabinet West Assur brands for businesses and professionals, We Assur for individuals, W Assur advises and accompanies its customers on a daily basis in Guérande, Saint-Nazaire, Paimboeuf, Saint-Brevin and Pornic. By its size, W Assur is one of the leading MMA insurance agents in Loire-Atlantique and France. W Assur is also referenced to a hundred French and European companies and brokers.

Through its general agents and 1,635 outlets and brokerage network, MMA is a local actor of companies and individuals. As an Insurance entrepreneur, MMA has a sense of quality of service and investment on a daily basis for its 3.1 million customers …

The STEMCELL Technologies Inc. is a Canadian biotechnology company that develops specialty cell culture media, cell isolation systems and accessory products for life science research around the world with our catalogue of more than 2000 cell biology research tools.

As a company founded by scientists, Proteintech Group recognises the tireless efforts and sacrifices made by researchers to advance scientific discovery.
Proteintech aims to match its’ customers’ dedication to research by providing high quality, reliable reagents that contribute to reproducible results.

PeproTech was established in 1988 by a group of scientists who decided to focus their efforts on the development and production of recombinant cytokines for Life Science research.Today, PeproTech is a world leader in supplying high quality Cytokines & Growth Factors, but also antibodies, ELISA kits.

For more than 30 years Eurogentec, member of Kaneka Corporation, manufactures a large range of custom products for genomic and proteomic research, in vitro diagnostic and therapeutic applications such as oligonucleotides, GMP DNA plasmids, IVT RNA, qPCR MasterMixes, Antibodies, and Peptides.

Tebu-bio helps European Life Scientists succeed in their research by supplying the largest possible range of innovative & convenient products and Laboratory services. We carefully select the best brands from world renowned manufacturers, guaranteeing researchers the highest quality of service through our partnerships.

Our local specialists based in our offices throughout Europe offer personal advice and expert help in selecting and using the products suited to the researcher’s needs.

Tebu-bio’s own European-based laboratory performs customised, flexible services offering controlled costs & turn-around times with strict confidentiality and quality policies


Abcam is a global life sciences company providing highly validated antibodies and other binders and assays to the research and clinical communities to help advance the understanding of biology and causes of disease.

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