arivis Vi sion4D – 15th Sep. 11-16HUFR des Sciences Fondamentales
et Biomédicales

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Arivis provides an image analysis platform with big data and ease of use in mind. Our tools are designed to take full advantage of the platforms they run on to optimise your analysis workflows. Go from your images to results with:

  • Vision4D – a desktop solution for image processing and analysis
  • VisionVR – a VR based solution for visualisation and manual analysis with full depth perception
  • VisionHub – our web-based solution for collaboration and automated pipeline execution

Come find out how arivis can help you with:

– 3D Visualisation
– Stitching & tiling
– Multimodal imaging
– Counting and classifying
– Tracking
– Inter-object relationships
– Tracing
– Movies and HiRes snapshots
– Data analysis
– Collaboration

To find out more, please contact:
Fabrice Licata () or David Wiles ()
Main presentation 11AM Room P436 – Hands-on demos from 2PM Room H420 / P436