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AuPosSOM downloads

AuPosSOM software and documentation

AuPosSOM 2.1

-Tutorial is now available

-Example : A set of file is available to test AuPosSOM and to check input format (Thrombin dataset made from DUD database).

Thrombin receptor (0.4 Mo)

Small sample of ligands (1.9 Mo)

Large sample of ligands (42.3 Mo)

-Input Vector file example :

ALL_Vectors table from Thrombin (1.4 Mo)

-Active compounds file example :

Active list from Thrombin (845 o)

If you use this software for your publications, please cite:

Contact-based ligand-clustering approach for the identification of active compounds in virtual screening. Advances and Applications in Bioinformatics and Chemistry 2012 5: 61-79
Access to publication


AuPosSOM v1 executable (download old version) :

linux i386

linux i386 CentOS-5.4

windows XP


AuPosSOM v1 documentation (pdf file format)

Running example for AuPosSOM v1

If you use this software for your publications, please cite:
Automatic clustering of docking poses in virtual screening process using self-organizing map
Guillaume Bouvier; Nathalie Evrard-Todeschi; Jean-Pierre Girault; Gildas Bertho
Bioinformatics 2010 26: 53-60

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